Nov 10

Edit Google Docs On Your iPhone or iPad

If you haven’t yet tried the excellent Google Docs, I’d strongly recommend it. For the average user it can replace Microsoft Office but with a host of excellent additions such as collaborative document sharing – which allows you and a designated person to edit the same document almost simultaneously in real-time. This is really helpful during phone conversations when you can literally make a change to a Word doc, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation and the person on the other end of the line can see your change immediately. Google Docs is also 100 per cent Web based, which means all your docs are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

Most US corporations would save huge amounts of time and money by switching to Google docs, but that assumes the majority of IT departments want to create systems to actually benefit the end user as opposed to protecting their own jobs. Anybody who’s worked in a corporation will understand this definitely isn’t the case.

Well Google has just added one more reason to switch to its Docs product and this one could be a game changer – the ability to edit documents on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Now as much as I love the iPad, the choices to create and edit documents are horrible. Apple’s own Pages, Numbers and Keynote just about scrape by but still feel clunky and half-baked. Beyond those three there really isn’t another standout app that lets you edit documents. But now with Google Docs, I can access any file from my Google Docs account (as long as I have an internet or 3G connection), make as many edits as I need and save all the changes. Finally iPad users have a usable option for document creation and management.

And while Google is rolling-out these features for its Docs product, what devious plans does Microsoft have to retaliate and make sure Office keeps up? I’ll get back to you on that one.

Nov 10

Maker Of Worst Mobile Browser In The World Pins Hopes On Mobile Browser

At today’s Web 2.0 Conference Jim Balsillie – the CEO of RIM, makers of the Blackberry – took a side-swipe at Apple by stating that that he’s betting the future will be driven by the browser-based Web rather than just Apps. The full quote from Tech Crunch reads:

“Balsillie went on to contrast the Blackberry approach to Apple’s when it comes to web apps. There may be 300,000 apps for the iPhone and iPad, but the only app you really need is the browser. “You don’t need an app for the Web,” he says, and that is equally true for the mobile Web. The debate over mobile apps versus the mobile Web. Blackberry is betting on the Web, much like Google”

This comes from the head of the company that was responsible for the WORST web browser in the history of mobile devices. I’m not sure if Jim has ever actually tried to surf the Web on a Blackberry, but it’s kind of luck performing a do-it-yourself vasectomy with tooth picks. Safari for the iPhone completely re-invented the mobile browser in ways that people hadn’t previously even come close to, especially RIM. So while I agree with his sentiment, I find it bizarre that he of all people would be uttering these words (although to be fair Blackberry also has a pretty shocking App store too).

Tune in tomorrow when the CEO of Kraft announces the future of food lies with locally grown, organic produce.

Nov 10

Review of Apple TV

Apple TVAs a small boy I used to own a cat called Chairman Meow who – like most cats – survived on a diet of dried, Cheerio shaped biscuits and canned horse meat. Every now and again he’d catch a bird or a mouse which is what his true animal instinct pushed him to do. But ultimately the power of domestication always won the day and after a brief bit of rough and tumble with a blue tit, he’d skulk back to his Rabbit and Fish flavored Meow Mix. After spending a few days with the new Apple TV, I can’t help thinking it’s more Meow Mix than it is midday mouse hunting. Continue reading →

Nov 10

Why I Quit My Corporate Job

If I did a quick review of what’s happened in my life during 2010 it would look something like this. New (very cute) baby. Check. Got married to (equally cute) wife. Check. Expensive mortgage in one of the most expensive areas in the US. Add that to the list. Car loan…..don’t forget the car loan. Big check. But not to worry, at least I have my safe, reasonably well-paying corporate job to fall back on amidst the worst global recession in 80 years. Well at least I did until Friday. Until I quit. Continue reading →

Nov 10

Newspaper Creates Bizarre iPad Video

What is it with newspapers? If they’re not ranting and raving at Google for sending millions of potential customers their way by linking to….I mean **stealing** stories, they’re erecting paywalls on the belief they’re **entitled** to be paid for what they do. And now with the iPad it seems some print companies think it’s a good idea to produce high quality, expensive promotional videos to support the launch of their apps. Continue reading →

Nov 10

Playing To Your Strengths

If I had to look back on my albeit short career the single biggest regret I have is not pursuing the thing that I’m actually pretty good at. After leaving college with a degree in Political Science I drifted into a job at a local newspaper. The pay was slightly lower than that of a Bulgarian basket weaver and the hours long, but I loved to write and found it was something that came quite naturally to me. But rather than pursuing this talent and trying to carve a career out of writing I made the mistake that millions of others have also fallen to. That mistake was to focus on my weaknesses rather than my strengths. Continue reading →

Nov 10

Top 8 Warning Signs Your Company Doesn’t Get Digital

If you spent 18 years training as an opera singer, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that your life’s ambition might be to perform at the Sydney Opera House or some other iconic venue. In the same breath if your chosen profession is to work in the digital space, you’ll likely be salivating over the prospect of working for Google, Facebook, Twitter or a host of other cutting-edge technology companies. But there are only so many of those jobs to go around and in many cases digital people end-up taking gigs at non-digital companies. Sometimes this works out great. Other times it doesn’t. If you’re considering taking a digital role at a “traditional” company, here are some warning signs to look out for that might make you think twice. Continue reading →

Nov 10

New search engine Blekko faces challenges

Blekko – a new search engine that defines itself as “slashtag search” – has launched to market and is creating some significant buzz around the blogosphere. With Google continuing to reign supreme in the world of search, Blekko is promising to deliver more accurate and targeted search results via human input – or slashtags. The idea sounds interesting, but here’s why I think it will fail. Continue reading →